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“Happy Children’s Day”

On the occasion of Children’s Day we requested some of the good people at Goibibo to ask their Kids to draw and write about the favourite places.

Here is the winner.

Arjun Dhaiya from class IIIB.

children's Day

Painting by -Arjun Dhaiya


Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day


My name is Arjun and I am 8 years old. I love traveling, last month I visited Goa with my parents. My father takes me to a new place every year but I want to always see more places.

I asked them to take me to many more holidays. But mom says I cant miss school for traveling. Everyone says I cant miss school, but I don’t like going to school. I want to grow up fast so that I can drive like papa and go on many more vacations. I would like to visit mountains and beaches.

I dream that one day I will visit Disneyland, but my friends say that’s very far away, not even in our country. Its OK I can go far away to meet Doremon. I have told papa to take me to Darjeeling for Christmas so that I can make snowman and throw snowballs on my sister. My sister is so bad she is always complaining about me. So I will to go to the mountains far away and leave her there. All my favorite places are where I can see many different things and off course where papa buys me candy.

Arjun Dhaiya

Class III B

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