16 Long Weekends in 2016

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Make sure your boss is happy with you in 2016 so you don’t miss out on 66 days of holidays coming up. Well, if you couldn’t manage those leaves in 2015, then 2016 is here to please you with 16 long weekends. WHOA! More good news – a mega 9-day holiday awaits you in August. Just manage a couple of leaves in between and your travel bucket list for the year is sorted.

Share this calendar with your friends, family and tag the month when you’d like to plan a weekend getaway.

After slogging through work-weeks, ek long weekend trip toh banta hai boss! 

Long Weekend 2016_Calendar

(Design Credit: Prakash Chhetri)

13 Responses to "16 Long Weekends in 2016"
  1. Mohit Kohli says:

    Awesome :)

  2. Barkha says:

    Too good

  3. Kaartik Goyal says:

    Thanks , would love to have these insights more for other world locations as well, to plan our digital marketing and revenue management strategies.

  4. Prashanth kumar says:

    Very good will plan out

  5. chandrakant shirgave says:

    Very nice.. We do not get time to plan holidays in bust work schedule, this will certainly help all to plan well in advance. Thanks Team GOiBIBO.

  6. Puneet says:

    This is very helpful

  7. vaibhav says:

    Thanks for the so useful info….will plan now

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