goNews: EgyptAir Flight from Paris to Cairo Goes Missing

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Mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of EgyptAir MS804 flight while on its way from Paris to Cairo has deepened following claims that the pilot made a distress call about an emergency descent. Though earlier it was reported that the pilot lost radio contact before the airbus plunged into the Mediterranean with 66 passengers and crew members on board, yet aviation sources in France recently revealed that the Egyptian pilot contacted air-traffic control and informed about smoke filling up the plane. As per sources, he also informed that he was about to make emergency descent. The long conversation between the Egyptian pilot and air-traffic control was considered to be a distress call.


Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EgyptAir#/media/File:EgyptAir_A330-200_SU-GCE_FRA_2013-09-01.png

Though communication during midnight (as per Swiss local time) between the pilot and Swiss air-traffic control stated that the pilot was found in good spirits, yet transmissions from the aircraft, minutes before it lost contacts with Greek air-traffic control, revealed that smoke was detected below the cockpit and in one of the toilets. Messages related to sudden smoke in the plane was sent to ground computers before it fell from the sky. Hunt for MS804’s black boxes is on, which is expected to unlock cockpit voice recorders and flight data.

The passenger jet MS804 was flying from Paris to Cairo, when it disappeared from radar in the Egyptian airspace early Thursday over the Mediterranean Sea. The flight took off from France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport on Wednesday late night with around 56 passengers and 10 crew members on board. The plane was noticed flying at an altitude of 37,000 feet over the Mediterranean Sea. Nearly 20 minutes was left for the flight to land at Cairo. All passengers and crew members on board are feared dead.

The airline authority listed the nationalities of passengers as Egyptians, French, Iraqis and Sudanese, Chadian, Portuguese, Algerian, Canadian, British, Belgian, Kuwaiti and Saudi. The new information suggests that terror attack seems to be less likely, though the real reason has not yet been discovered.

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