goNews: World’s Biggest Cruise Ship to Start its Inaugural Journey on May 22

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More of a floating city, world’s largest cruise ship called ‘Harmony of the Seas’ has set off from a French shipyard at Saint-Nazaire for Southampton, from where it will start its official maiden journey to Barcelona on May 22. The biggest, heaviest and most brazen vessel of its kind, construction work of this majestic cruise ship started on September 2013 in Saint-Nazaire, France. The ship has been acclaimed as world’s biggest ever cruise ship and a man-made wonder, even longer than Paris’s Eiffel Tower and wider than Arc de Triomphe.

Harmony of the Seas | Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Harmony_of_the_Seas#/media/File:Harmony_of_the_Seas_Saint-Nazaire_June_2015.jpg

Not only ‘Harmony of the Seas‘ has a capacity of carrying as much as 8,460 passengers and crew at a time, but also its statistics and amenities are unimaginable. Its volume measures five time the size of the Titanic; it is equipped with 16 decks, which are equivalent to 84 football fields; its on-board park is decorated with around 50 manure trees and 10,000 small plants; and it has 2500 staterooms, 20 dining venues and 23 swimming pools for the comfort and entertainment of passengers on board.

The cruise ship witnessed a gatheringĀ of nearly 70,000 well wishers at Saint-Nazaire as it left the shipyard and headed for the British port of Southampton from where it will start its official voyage. Built for US-based Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, it incurred a cost of whooping one billion euros.

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