Healthy Food to Pack While Travelling

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Travelling and food go hand in hand. No matter how long or short a journey is, we always tend to carry some food items along with us. Most of us like munching wafers and chips or drinking beverages like cold coffee, smoothie, etc., as we don’t know exactly which are the healthy food to eat during travel. While there is one group which prefer to stay empty stomach during travel because of motion sickness, there is another which prefers to munch everything from cookies to noodles during their journey. If you are sailing in the boat that does not know how to go about a healthy diet during travel, then we are here for your rescue.

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With our below mentioned list of best foods to eat during travel, you can be assured of a healthy and thrilling journey. Take a look at them and prepare for your next trip accordingly.

Light and Healthy Food: Before leaving for your trip, always remember to eat something healthy, for example, fruits, dry fruits, oatmeal, etc. You can even carry a few of these along to satiate sudden hunger pangs that may arise during the journey. Mix your favourite fruits and dry fruits together or make a fruit salad with pinch of salt and black pepper and get a different taste.

healthy food

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Protein Rich Food: Proteins are a rich source of energy and give strength to the human body. If you are planning to take a vacation, do not forget to take along a protein rich diet. Pack meals like sandwiches, salads, vegetable stuffed omelettes, wheat pasta or pour soup in a thermos having ingredients like eggs, cheese, yogurt, broccoli as a part of your ‘during travel diet’.

healthy food

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Muffins and Cookies: Muffins and cookies are delicious snacks that are enjoyed by almost everyone. Eating them before and during the travel not only enlightens up your mood, but also these healthy snacks ensure a comfortable journey. Eating almond, cashew and butter cookies while travelling are a great option.

healthy food

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Banana Chips: A banana might be good, but banana chips are even better. This healthy oil-free snack will help you kill time of the journey and you’ll be able to give a treat to your taste buds too.

healthy food

Banana Chips. | Photo Credit:

Granola Bars: Apart from chocolates, granola bars is another delight that will give you a healthy hassle free journey experience. The double benefit of health and awesomeness will make you fall in love with them. These crunchy food bars are available in flavours like apple, coconut, oats ‘n honey, and cinnamon, so you can choose according to your taste.

healthy food

Granola Bars. | Photo Credit :

Now when you know what to eat during your travel, do not forget to keep the snacks handy and pack them along with other essential items too.

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