Where Will Your Zodiac Sign Take You for a Vacation This Summer

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Ever wondered why you prefer a beach holiday while your spouse is a mountain lover? Ever thought why a luxury hotel fascinates you while your friend prefers a backpacker’s hostel? This is because the 12 zodiac signs are ruling us since birth. Thanks to the crab, bull, goat and other such signs for defining our travel choices according to our personality traits. Sea or mountain? Confused where to head this summer? Leave it up to your zodiac sign this time and see the difference! I assure it will take you to the perfect summer destination. Read on:


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Practical, serious, patient and fun-loving traits of Capricorns materialize well while travelling. Some essential travel norms like appreciating tradition, ready for adventure and ability to thrive inhospitable places flow in the blood of Capricorns. They are great travel planners who can make a grand trip in a limited budget. Symbolized by mountain goat, Capricorns love to walk thousand miles, climb mountains, experience fresh air in a different way. Culture, history, beauty and sophistication of Istanbul is a delight to them. Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque and Basilica Cistern along with ‘hamam’ (Turkish bath/sauna), reward with a relaxed and culturally rich summer vacation.


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Aquarians are full of energy and love to make spontaneous plans. They are always curious about experiencing something new. They love to feed their social conscience and look for eco-friendly hotels and nature kissed destinations. Exploring zoos and forests is in their kitty. Symbolized by water-bearer, Aquarians like beaches where they can swim, dive and enjoy water sports. Tiritiri Matangi Island, Auckland Zoo and Maraetai Beach of Auckland, New Zealand,  are feasts to the eyes of Aquarians.


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Perceptive, emotional, receptive and sensitive Pisceans love to relax in a tranquil ambience. Pisceans, the dreamers, are always eager to escape from daily routine life. They are artistic people who even get immersed in local culture. Being symbolized by fish, they have a natural affinity towards water. They love to holiday near water bodies, be it a lake, sea or river. The unique Balinese art and culture portrayed through temples, dance and cuisine will give Pisceans a true cultural and spiritual experience. Whereas, Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur beaches are ideal for a laid back or action packed beach holiday.


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Symbolized by Ram, Aries are daring, courageous, fierce, active, outgoing and adventurous individuals. Those born under Aries are energetic travellers who love trekking, hiking, floating and many such adrenaline soaked adventure activities. From hiking in Masada and Nahal Amud near the Sea of Galilee to trying out water sports like surfing, kayaking, boating and diving along the beaches of Mediterranean coast, including Tel Aviv, the country has it all.


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Signified by a bull, Taureans believe in planning their trip before it actually begins. They not only prefer planned schedules, but also look for luxury, fine food, colourful scenery, world class service and adequate pamper during vacation. They are also passionate towards art and culture. These individuals try to get 100 percent return of the money spent. Fine food and wine, laid back life and romantic canal tours, Venice is for Taureans. Grand Canal of Venice, historical treasures like St Mark’s Basilica, Ponte di Rialto, Doges’ Palace and Torcello Island-art, architecture and unending stretch of water will gift Taureans a real relaxed, pampered, royal and enriching vacation.


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With twins as zodiac sign, the happy-go-lucky Geminis are inherently social and love to chit-chat. They absorb the culture of a place, meet different people, pick up mementos and relish local food. While they look for dynamic cities with active nightlife, they even look for places packed with museums and galleries, so they can keep on hopping and socializing. London is packed with theatres, museums and impressive historical structures like Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. A Gemini with a pub hoping trait will love to explore London’s vibrant pubs and nightclubs like Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Lamb & Flag and Electric Brixton. The dazzling city is apt for true-spirited Geminis.


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Crab describes an emotional and sensitive Cancerian. They prefer places which they think are secure and comfortable. Cancerians also look for emotional connect with every place they visit. Being a water sign, they prefer places that have seas, rivers, lakes or backwaters. Also, they love to travel with family, close friends and partners. Lazing around beaches and playing with sand are their favourite atcs. Located in the Indian Ocean off the African Coast, Mauritius is an ideal place for Cancerians to relax and unwind at the sea shore. The country promises a friendly atmosphere. Miles of white sandy beaches, blue waters, sun beds, picture perfect roads and small hillocks delight Cancerians to the core.


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As lion symbolizes Leo, those with this sunshine think themselves to be rich individuals who are drawn by lavish destinations and fancy surroundings. They prefer first class travel, five star cruises, elite shopping, chauffeur driven city tours and star dining. Any place with regal outlook, glamour quotient and luxurious lifestyle feature on their travel bucket list. Dubai, ‘The City of Sheiks’, is known for its regal setting. Gourmet restaurants, high-end shopping malls, designer boutiques, luxury hotels like Burj Al Arab, skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, imperial mosques and gold souks, Dubai is just the place to splurge and holiday like a king.


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Virgos are meticulous planners and love to do things methodically wherever they go. They travel with a purpose and make sure they yield something productive and learn new things from their travel. They make sure that they include visits to museums and historical sites in their itinerary. Alpine trees, Lake Zurich, mountain air of Uetliberg and several art galleries and museums, Virgos must experience the old charm, superb art and natural beauty of Zurich.


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Librans are easy going, cool and composed. New cultures leave them spellbound and they indulge in adventurous backpacking trips. They love shopping, dining and wining. With scales as their zodiac symbol, Librans try to achieve balance and harmony during their travel. From the royalty of Jaipur to the serenity of Lake Pichola in Udaipur and golden desert in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is a perfect blend of natural elements, historical fortresses and lip-smacking meals. Men and women with colourful turbans, saris and jewellery add fervour to a Libran’s holiday mood.

Scorpio-Rio de Janeiro

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Scorpios are the most determined, powerful, passionate and exciting lot who like things their way. They possess a sense of adventure and is always ready to take up challenges. They prefer off the beaten track destinations in order to attain unusual experiences. Zeal for adventure activities like hiking and trekking are common signs of Scorpions. An exhilarating metropolis bordered by natural elements, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is a must visit for Scorpions. They can go fishing for piranhas, hike through Amazon Rainforest, enjoy surfing in the ocean, all in one trip. What more? With sunset, Brazil’s glitzy rocking nightlife comes alive.

Sagittarius-The Grand Canyon

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Said to be the wanderers of the zodiac, Sagittarians are not only travellers, but also explorers. Free-spirited Sagittarians die to explore new places, imbibe foreign culture and gain new experiences. Adventure and unlimited fun are basic ingredients of a traveller with Sagittarius as their sunsign. A UNESCO World Heritage site in northern Arizona, Grand Canyon is a massive stone edifice that emerged naturally millions of years ago along the Colorado River. This befitting place is perfect for Sagittarians as they can try hiking, white water rafting, camping and flight seeing.

Check your zodiac and head for the destination. I am sure that choosing a holiday according to your zodiac will reward you with the actual charm of travelling.

A horoscope freak like me can do anything to make the stars work. My experiments with Pearl, Catseye, Amethyst surely have done wonders to my travel plans. LOL! Now, I am an active globetrotter who is always ready for an expedition. Thanks to my stone friends, recommended by astrologer Mrs. Alka Bagai.

Disclaimer: This blog is for fun purpose only!

(Creative Credit: Priyanka Sharma)

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